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Video Production Services

JPI develops, produces and distributes award-winning digital projects in a variety of sports media including television, digital and social media, documentary films, series programming, and commercials.  Our range of video production services include all aspects of creative media production and executive production, with a specialization in concept development, premium sports cinematography, post production services, TV Distribution, and content archiving.


Our goal is to accomplish the creative vision of our clients, while providing a high-end video production service that ensures a smooth production from start to finish. If you can envision it, we can build the team to create it. Like a finely tailored suit, we pair the expertise of each individual to the specific needs of your project- a true custom fit.


Our clients have come to rely on our distinct expertise; pairing technology with the right talent. This perspective allows us to always bring a fresh eye to every project, helping your content stand out from the rest.  Whether it’s the story of a brand, shooting and editing commercials, promoting an epic event, or showing what it’s like to live in a tent, we’re all about communicating in a way that entertains and gets results.