Look no further, you have found your one-stop shop for the creative video production of any concept that can be captured on film. We are equipped to handle all aspects of production: pre-production and staffing, on-location and studio based shooting, and full service post-production. In addition, our creative consultants can help conceptualize, write and execute any creative vision you have.


At JPI, we’ve made it our mission to collaborate with cutting-edge creative talent and to be on the forefront of technological trends so we can consistently provide our clients with the highest quality product. However, we also believe that innovation demands efficient, cost-effective solutions. So we will always provide you with the most efficient budget and schedule to manage your production.



Like most good ideas, this one came out of doing something that we loved. In 1969 Jalbert Productions founder Joe Jay Jalbert was working as a skiing expert/stuntman/POV camera filmer on the set of “Downhill Racer”. The experience lit a creative spark in Jalbert and became the impetus to the founding of JPI in 1970.


With that initial leap, Jalbert set the course for JPI to become a international leader in the production of high quality, innovative films. His moral creed was simple- to seek out filmmakers who shared the belief that a successful film should never compromise on effectiveness or vision.


Four decades later, it is still those unique creative individuals who make the difference. We are proud to collaborate with the best and most talented professionals in the world and grow our reach with each passing project. Our global network of talent allows us to leverage our passion for sports and the people behind them to deliver the highest quality properties and service available.