Real. Inspiring. Stories. Since 1971

Jalbert Productions is a full service creative video production company based in Manhattan New York.

Like most good ideas, this one came out of doing something that we loved. In 1969, Jalbert Productions founder Joe Jay Jalbert was working as a skiing expert/stuntman/POV camera filmer on the set of “Downhill Racer.” The experience lit a creative spark in Jalbert and was the impetus to the creation of Jalbert Productions Inc. in 1971.

With that initial leap, Jalbert set the course for JPI to become an international leader in the production of high quality, innovative films. His moral creed was simple- document real, inspiring sports stories through the power of cinematography.

Nearly five decades later, that passion remains a constant, as JPI sees every project and every partnership as a new opportunity to showcase the character and commitment driving today’s leaders in sports, and to deliver the highest quality properties and service available.


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